Jan 2018

9th Knowledge Sharing Meet Up on Shaping Success - by HR Legends Pakistan, EfroTech:

We are glad to have aligned for the 9th Knowledge Sharing HR Meet up with HR Legends Pakistan, that was held on Saturday 6th of January 2018 in Karachi. The session was conducted by the HR experts Ms. Shahper Ahsan, Ms. Hira Nazir and Mr. Ghulam Mustafa - the talented trainers, motivational speakers & consultants.

The energy at the event was fantabulous and the session completely revolved around shaping successful careers by adapting to positive approach at workplace and dealing appropriately with the day to day challenges that are faced especially by young professionals, witnessing increased competition in industries.

These efforts of the organizers and coming forth with HR leaders are appreciable and TimeTrax aims to keep supporting such initiatives to contribute for a better and knowledgeable HR society.

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