• Looking to improve workplace productivity?
    TimeTrax - The Intuitively Managed Employees' TRAnsformation Xoftware
    is an all-in-one Human Capital Management Cloud-ready solution for all
    your HR needs. 24 Super-modules, cover all aspects of HR services,
    right from Appointments to Appraisals.
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  • Need an ERP?
    A Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning/Business Intelligence/CRM Solution
    for Service, Distribution, Manufacturing & Retail Industries that covers all
    business-critical functions like Finance, Sales & Distribution, Inventory,
    Procurement, Costing & Fixed Assets-Management. It also includes
    Manufacturing, Planning and Quality Control.
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  • TimeTrax - Cloud HCM Software
    The best Investment for your Human Capital
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  • BizzTrax – Cloud ERP/BI/CRM Software
    Providing a Singular View of your Business
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  • orBItrax - Online Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool
    A powerful and easy to use BI Tool
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    Multiple Report Types
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    Drill Down Capability
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    Multiple Filters
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    Report Scheduling

Hello And Welcome To EfroTech

EfroTech is a global Software provider of Human Capital Management (HCMS) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions


A powerful and easy to use Online Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool


Multiple-Award-Winning BizzTrax - assisting you with your ERP,CRM & BI needs.


A truly robust Human Capital Management Software helps you manage all your HR needs

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